Monday, July 24, 2006


This is amazing. Post-Elvis, we have the two most influential, and perhaps the most popular white rock stars in a cab together at the height of their powers, chatting and riffing and generally being a bit dreadful.

One of them is visibly out of it: wired so that everything bleeds that isn't supposed to: eyeballs, gums, teeth, hair, etc.

The other may be wasted too. In comparison to the first guy he is comparatively straight. But he comes across as the classic insecure wise-guy, trying not seem in awe of his hero. He is the funnier of the two, but he knows he is the more quotidian talent. All he can do is wind the sick genius up.

This is the classic Hegelian master-slave scenario: it's fight-to-the-death stuff. Whether it is Dylan or Lennon who gets the upper hand is for you to decide.

Transcript here (the transcript divulges more than the video).


Blogger minifig said...

Fantastic. I particularly like the moment when John Lennon did the impression of John Peel, that's pretty special.

8:35 PM  

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