Friday, July 21, 2006


Unparalled coverage of the war in Lebanon over at Lenin's Tomb. Analysis of the sort you will not read in the mainstream press sits side by side with reports from Beirut, often by Lebanese writers (something you also see little of in the mainstream press).

The post that got to me the most was this one. Until you see this, you will have no real idea what it might be like to lay in bed, while outside sirens ring and distant bombs explode, this one 20 miles away, that one 5 miles away, with nothing to make you think the next bomb might not hit you.

I am rather late in publicising the Stop the War march tomorrow at midday (meet at Embankment), but I rather assume most people who might read this blog will have been notified of it elsewhere.


Blogger minifig said...

It really is a terrifying video isn't it? Brought it home a bit more to me too. See you later.

7:05 AM  

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