Sunday, July 23, 2006



Chapter IV of Drift is now available to read - just click here.

If you haven't looked at Drift yet, fear not: we are only four chapters in, and it is by no means too late to catch up.

Nevertheless, we have already suffered with the beatific Joanna as she gives birth to the Bubble on Christmas Day, and have seen how her friend, the local priest, has commandeered the Bubble and steered it down to the village. The people of this quiet Devon village have not seen anything of its like before, but the Bubble is in no mood for dawdling, and if that means swallowing the villagers up, well, so be it.

Meanwhile, in London we have been introduced to William Blackstock and his wife, Kate. In Chapter IV we see more of how they live - how, despite their poverty, they are not quite poor enough to be friends with the very poorest, yet not rich enough to aspire to anything better. We have seen how the Bubble is making its way towards London - will William and Kate also be swallowed up?


Blogger Newfred said...

Forgive me, I've not got round to reading anything since chapter one yet, but I promise I will very soon.!

9:28 PM  
Blogger paddington said...

Fear not, my friend. Once it's up on the blog, it will stay forever and ever (or until Bush gets us all blown up, whichever comes first), so there's no need to rush.

10:27 PM  

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