Sunday, October 09, 2011


Misread this at first:

"Using mass-culture flotsam such as ancient Califone turntables hijacked from local high schools, and 50 cent records that hew literally and figuratively cut up and rearranged, Marclay represented the self-consciously conceptual flipside of hip-hop's 'necessity is the mother of invention' readymades."

From the Wire Primer's section on Christian Marclay. A fair description of his schtick, maybe, but given that we're talking about the 80s here, surely he was really using 50........oh I seeeeeeee!

Here's a great cut from his compilation album Records. As I walked down Brixton high street yesterday afternoon, a young man castigated me/us/himself? for masturbating in our own houses, and promised that God would save us from our shame. This is dedicated to him.


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