Sunday, September 04, 2011


I am currently immersed in this:

Nothing to say about it at the moment - or rather, far too much to say, which means I need to read it again and try to crystallise what are currently rather confused thoughts.

Aristotle seems to be the main point of reference, since he tried to move away from Plato's theory of forms in order to pin down what was essential about a given object (as opposed to that object's temporary, non-essential characteristics), and tried to identify what form that essence took.

Here is a very interesting discussion between Bryan Magee and Martha Nussbaum on Aristotle, in which it becomes clear that the questions Aristotle asked about identity and change have never been satisfactorily answered. Graham Harman's book about Bruno Latour tries to reframe these questions, and does so extremely excitingly, but the big paradox about frozen events vs unfreezable trajectories still remains.


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