Sunday, March 01, 2009


"It is a beautiful thing to photograph.

The visual impact of the Opera House is pretty intense, and photographically speaking its form is fantastic.

As the light moves across it during the day it changes its forms and shape. Sometimes it´s a silhouette. Sometimes it´s a rotund piece of sculpture.

Then it goes into the dark at night, and it´s lit artificially. It´s full of moods, and these things lend themselves very much to the camera."

"When Utzon left I felt there was such a break in the sequence of events that it was another world I´d be entering into. I didn´t want to do that. When I look back now I feel I did a foolish thing. I should have persisted and followed through with a total history of the building of the Opera House, but ... it´s just one of those things. It´s too late now."

For more on the Utzon/Liberal-Country Party spat, see here and here.


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