Wednesday, January 28, 2009


DV on Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls:

Gebbie's final fantasy spread shows Hook being swallowed by a large jawed, fleshy crocodile, its mouth painted to resemble an adult vagina (it even has a beard and moustache) swallowing the Captain whole. Although not exactly what you'd call a happy ending, there is something triumphant in Wendy recognising the split between her real and fantasy desire. But the inherent risk and danger that comes with the potential happiness of sexual maturity and fulfilment remains.

Reminds of something that (I think) Baudrillard wrote about (I think) Japan, where he reckoned there was a kind of mass male back-to-the-womb fantasy of diving into a vagina and staying there forever...

My first priority on returning to the UK in March is to read Lost Girls, if only so that DV and I can talk long into the night about it. DV has written three super primers on the Wendy Darling storyline over at MDJ, following up her post in October.


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