Thursday, August 14, 2008


"The sight of Russian tanks rolling into parts of a sovereign country on its neighbouring borders will have brought a chill down the spine of many people. This is simply not the way in which international relations can be run in the 21st century."

So said oleaginous pipsqueak du jour David Miliband yesterday. We know that New Labour distrusts the past, and no doubt Miliband can scarcely believe that anything much happened in the Caucasus before he became Foreign Secretary, but really - have you ever heard a senior politician (a Prime Minister in waiting, no less) say anything quite so hypocritical, quite so ignorant, quite so utterly, ineptly stupid?


Anonymous a very public sociologist said...

I thought Miliband was supposed to be quite a bright chap. It's almost as gaffe-worthy as McCain lecturing Russia on the unacceptability of one country invading another in the 21st century. Priceless.

12:20 PM  

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