Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Good news for a bad world - Darling Vicarage has returned to our cybershores! Her comeback post is called "historical materialism and ljubavi". Let me put that into context for you. Grace Jones is a true legend, and her devoted fans have been waiting for a new album for nearly twenty years. Grace Jones has named her comeback album Hurricane. Hardly in the same ballpark as historical materialism and ljubavi is it?

I shall keep my lips sealed about her taste for Balkan Europop and Alphabeat, and refer you instead to this (a terrific oldish post about Rodin's "Burghers of Calais," which DV took me to see on my birthday) and this (an intriguing newish post - the first, I hope, in a series about Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls).


Blogger darling vicarage said...

Is that a picture of me kicking your bearish butt, paddington? x

6:26 PM  

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