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Alas, this terrible "fact" just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Working hours are shorter now than during the nineteenth and early 20th century; working times are generally more flexible; we have the EU Working Time Directive which defends workers against exploitation in this way. And, arriving home exhausted? I can't imagine that most jobs available in Britain today are more exhausting than working in the mines or in the fields.

So why do we eat convenience food? How about because it's 1) available (which it never used to be) 2) *convenient* (why slave over a cooker when I can microwave my dinner and play on the Nintendo?) 3) quick, because people want to spend time elsewhere socialising?

Besides, the consumption of ready meals has fallen significantly in recent years; there has also been a large increase in people eating out regularly at restaurants (serving *fresh* food) (and also an indicator of increased wealth and disposable income); and there remain a very large number of people who choose to cook regularly. How about we just accept that this is no big corporate conspiracy, but rather down to people's choices? I don't like ready meals -- so I don't buy them or eat them. Simple as that.

And I'm working a 60 hour week at the moment! (Yes, it's self-imposed, so I won't be going to the EU.)

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