Sunday, September 02, 2007


I suppose everybody gets this : yr a music fan, a muso even, you know a bit about everything and a lot about particulars etc etc - but still, there are one or two seminal bands about whose output you are entirely ignorant. Well, I have been obsessively devouring pop music pretty much since I could talk, but I have never listened to a Roxy Music album.

Until tonight...

My flatmate, who for four or five years during his adolescence, literally refused to listen to anything but Bryan Ferry and/or Roxy Music, is rectifying this situation by lending me Roxy's Thrill of it all box-set. The first track on the box-set is the first track on Roxy Music's debut album : "Remake Remodel". It is named after a Derek Boshier painting

and aside from its semi-normal structure and its almost-conventional collection of instruments, it is insane. But, from what I can make out from a couple of early listens to Roxy Music and For your pleasure and from a keenness for Ferry's early covers records, it seems to set the tone for the aurgasm I am about to experience : a masochistic lyric, set in the liminal space of pure desire, far away from realised sexuality, and a butch-camp, subliminally class-conscious music.

I've a feeling I'm going to like Roxy Music...


Anonymous Mike B said...

For Your Pleasure is incredible, one of my favourite albums. I love 'Bogus Man'.

2:53 AM  

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