Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Robert Wyatt, "Left on man"

- "You say that I over simplify - yes, well so did Albert Einstein"

Won't somebody make this man king of the world? Or at least some sort of international musician in residence? This is from Dondestan (Revisited), which isn't one of his best albums. But if I could offer the SWP one bit of advice (and I address this to its members rather than its leaders) it would to be buy a copy of Nothing can stop us or Cuckooland, play them, and learn them as a manifesto. I promise you will never have heard anything so didactic and so heartbreaking.

Sorry about all these videos btw (not really) - a proper post will follow soon.


Anonymous Barry Marshall said...

Nice one - it's gorgeous.

I really like your blog. Well, covering surrealism, dada, situationists, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, how could I not?

A man after my own heart.

Actually, I have an idea. No, actually I have stolen an idea I think is particulalry good: writing book reviews about books that haven't even been written. There's something of Walter Benjamin in that - like he was to put together a book that he hadn't written, just a collection of quotes.

You're a good writer - it would be interesting to see what you came up with.

Me, I haven't done anything on my own blog for ages. Cannae be bothered any mair. But this idea of the fictional review stuck me as entertaining.

cheers - keep on with the blog!



3:36 PM  
Blogger paddington said...

Ta muchly for your kind words!

Your idea reminds me of an idea I read in a Zizek book of writing a York Notes style guide to a non-existent novel. Maybe he stole the idea from WB too! Given that I am failing to write a novel atm, maybe a review of my failings would be a good idea. I'll see what I can come up with...

6:25 PM  

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