Saturday, January 13, 2007


I overdid it a bit this morning - I cycled to the desert. To be honest, that makes it sound more adventurous than it actually was, but still - I was ravaged by a bastard headwind on the way there. On the way back, I thought, logically, I should have a nice tailwind. But no, the wind had changed direction, was still in my face, and had been joined by its friend, relentless drizzle. And I got stung by a killer-wasp yesterday. I am, I´m sure you will agree, somewhat in the wars (or, more likely, doing the typically male "woe-is-me-please-give-me-some-attention" thang).

Anyway, this afternoon I retired to an internet cafe for a couple of hours, and was lazily surfing the net when I came across this : the top 55 songs of 2006 according to Said the Gramophone, an mp3 blog which I, forever behind the times when it comes to trends, had not seen before. I think the authors of the blog post free downloads most days, but there is a warning that mp3s only stay on the website for two or three weeks. So, hurry along.

My favourite from the list is the re-make of "Kick out the Jams" (now called "Kick out the Chairs") by James Murphy and Munk, but then I have only downloaded five or six so far. With new music posted every day, I suspect I won´t get a lot done in the next week or so. Especially since it´s all kicking off in Cochabamba (my next destination) at the moment.

UPDATE! "Graceland" by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is now my joint-favourite (posted on StG on 12 January). Usually I would disregard a band with a name like that, but the promise of a "Graceland" cover drew me in.

UPDATE II! I hadn´t spotted there was a Roy Harper mp3 available! OK, so now "North Country" (10 January) is my new favourite. And now I shall say goodbye and let you get on with your lives.


Blogger minifig said...

Aw, poor you.

I just can't imagine what relentless drizzle is like, living in the UK and everything...

9:44 AM  
Blogger Newfred said...

Pah. Nothing is your woe compared to mine. I'd cycled 30 miles before lunch today because my car is terminally ill!

4:30 PM  

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