Saturday, May 13, 2006


Some links for those of you who are not watching the FA Cup and are not willing to line Rupert Murdoch's pockets to watch the cricket:

1. Those who have read my bits and pieces on Latin America with interest will want to flick to Whatever Happened to Leon Trotsky. LT has two advantages over me: (a) he has been to Bolivia, and (b) he knows what he's talking about.

2. A piece on polemicism over at Charlotte Street. His case study in polemics is hang-'em-all-let-God-decide diatribist Peter Hitchins, though the article could just as well apply to his brother Christopher.

3. A new discovery for the weekend: Balkan Beat Box. You can hear some tracks for free here, including one called "Adir Adirim," which is very reminiscent of some of the stuff Tjinder Singh was doing with Bubbley Kaur a year or so ago.



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