Sunday, March 13, 2011


Three more solos, then let's speak no more on the subject:

Holy moley - this is the shit. A variation on the solo-as-song, Merle sings a verse, plays a finger-pickin' solo, sings another verse, plays a Hawaiian-style slide solo, and so on until he's run out of styles. Proof that being a virtuoso doesn't have to be pretentious (or long - the whole thing is over and done with inside of three minutes).

I love this not just for Wyatt's incredible lyrics which make Dylan's original seem earthbound, or for the duelling solos at the end, or the murky riffs that run through it, but the fact that the lead guitarist on this unashamedly arty piece of rock is ... Paul Weller!

Does in 40 seconds what most groups would have spread over several albums: a hard rock jam with nine solos in total. McCartney's bars are the most technical, Harrison does his best Clapton impression, but it is Lennon's proto-grunge riffing which stands out.


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