Sunday, March 21, 2010


Comment is Free has been hijacked by pedantic, ignorant philistines. But a comment written by a certain "Snapshackle" actually provides more food for thought than the rather anaemic contributions at the top:

In the moral and ethical la-la land inhabited by most Conservatives and neo-cons, workers should be eternally grateful for the crumbs thrown to them and should not under any circumstances strike, or demand more than their 'betters' think they should have.

Having said that I think Unions need to be more imaginative in their thinking and rather than contributing to political parties who just turn round and kick dirt in their face should use their money in other ways.

Are there any restrictions on Unions purchasing shares for example?

If Unions were to use their wealth to purchase shares in the companies their members work for it would turn the directors and CEO into employees of the Union. Now wouldn't that be interesting!

Wouldn't it just!


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