Friday, June 13, 2008


The incorrigible Dr Batty, who is now a little older than he once was, emails me with his response to the 7-song meme. The Shara Nelson one, in particular, is quite lovely. And his no-nos are utter guff.

I’ve taken your simple instructions and not been able to follow them. The first two songs are used as a reference point showing how bad music can be, therefore hopefully highlighting how good the next seven are.

Coldplay are bunch of cunts because they endorse Apple (a corporation that supports 60+ hour working weeks and substandard working/living conditions) whilst promoting wristbands or other such nonsense. Coldplay, "Fix you" - if only it were a song about a gangster hit ... it's not ... it’s annoying. From the Coldplay school of entertainment, it's a man with a beard and acoustic guitar whining about water slides, or something like that; I can barely understand a word that is being ‘sung’. He’s very trendy and Scottish, unfortunately listening to him sing causes me psychological distress: Bon Iver, "Flume".

And now for the good stuff.

The Knife, "Silent shout". Truly great song and video.

Yeah yeah yeahs, "Gold lion (diplo remix)". Makes the original sound pants, I have yet to get bored with it.

Roisin Murphy, "You know me better". Disco pop.

Nufrequency Ft Shara Nelson, "Go that deep (Charles Webster remix)". A clean, almost electro sound with a gentle house rhythm.

Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie, "Tears". Some cheese in your house.

Trentemoller, "Moan".

Laurnet Garnier, "Panoramix". Big bouncy bass line, the latest release from one of the innovators.


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