Monday, February 11, 2008


Good stuff from Lenin, whose Tomb I have carelessly neglected for a while. He directs our attention towards the flowchart below, which charts the chronology of "the military idealists known as neocons", and asks us to spot a very prominent person missing from that chart. Lenin's clue - three syllables. Can you spot the omission? The future of the civilised world may hang on your answer...

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Blogger Barry Marshall said...

What about Kissinger? Hmmm, not quite a neocon, though. No, in fact, he hates them.

The map reminded me of this I saw in Adbusters yonks ago

Interesting how the Trotskyist Left morphed into the neo-con right. Hitchens too?

(It is interesting to compare them to the other left-wing German Jewish emigrés who fled the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s - Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Hannah Arendt.)

I always meant to read the book Ravelstein by Saul Bellow, which describes the life of a leading neo-con/Straussian, Allan Bloom. This has reminded me of it.

Also, it reminded me of the fact that I read Francis Fukuyama's End of History last summer. It is better than you'd think - and more thoughtful, even pessimistic about the nature of modern capitalism. (Fukuyama, of course, is no longer a neo-con.)

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