Friday, December 15, 2006


Saint Jerome (347-420) :

As the merchant adds nothing to the merchandise he sells, if he gets more than what he paid for it, his gain implies the other`s loss ; and in any case, commerce is bad for his soul, as it is past belief that, given the opportunity, a merchant won`t cheat.

Saint Ambrose (340-397) :

Whatever above your necessities you get, through violence you take. Was God unfair enough to unequally distribute the means, to have you wallowing in abundance while others pine in need? Whatever bread you hoard, to the hungry belongs ; whatever cloth, to the naked, what money you hide away would have rescued the unfortunate.

Pancho Villa (1878 - 1923) in conversation with a captured Mexican businessman :

Villa : (handing businessman a blank piece of paper) Here, sign this.

Businessman : I am not signing a blank piece of paper for you! Whatever do you want me to do?

Villa : I want you to sign your name here as your word that you will give your money to the poor.

Businessman : But how much do you want me to give?

Villa : You will give as much as it takes for you to become one of them.


Blogger George Bezerra said...

Excelent!!! Very good citations, i think it is something a saint would think. I don't understand why they have this necessity of making thinks more fare than they are. They really believe they're building a better world. Would this attitude fix the world's problem? Which problem? ahaha.


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