Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Exploitation exploitation exploitation.


Blogger Snowball said...

International Rooksbyism has an interesting discussion of the article here:

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Blogger Comandante Gringo said...

(Man, that word "marxian" should be made illegal and subject to the death penalty when used...)

Bourgeois ekons are always loving to quote Marx -- in order to refute him, of course (besides the 'titillation value' of quoting the tabu in polite company). However -- being bourgeois by nature and thought -- these limited intellects will never fully understand the dynamix of the world economic system (not that marxists often do; just that they are the ones most able to get it right, given the superior ideological tools at their disposal).

What these naysayers always seem to leave out of their equations is the self-actualization of these masses themselves. The world working-classes are not cattle to be fatted and slaughtered. Slaughtered, maybe -- but they do slaughter right back. And will do so in future.

Don't be clucking and counting your eggs too soon, capitalist chickens...

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